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SAMBO Association of Tamilnadu is to promote and propagate across Tamilnadu,the traditional Russian martial art and combat sport SAMBO, which is an acronym in Russian language for SAMozashita Bez Orujiya [ self-defense without weapons ] and further the objectives of the International SAMBO Federation [FIAS] and the SAMBO Union of Asia [SUA] and the Commonwealth SAMBO Association [CSA].SAMBO FEDERATION OF INDIA [SFI].

To regulate the exciting martial sport SAMBO, developed over 100 years ago in Russia, permitting those engaged in the sport, to attain both intellectual and physical development. SAMBO is a complete and effective self defence and competitive combat martial sport, practised by men and women, youth and adults of all ages, using the various parts of the body to effectively accomplish various kicks, punches, blocks, throws and grabs and submission techniques. SAMBO competitions are categorized into Sport SAMBO events and Combat SAMBO events.

To function as the sole recognized State SAMBO body in Tamilnadu, recognized by and affiliated to the SAMBO FEDERATION OF INDIA [SFI] and the International SAMBO Federation [FIAS] and the SAMBO Union of Asia [SUA ] and the Commonwealth SAMBO Association [CSA]

To affiliate and bring together SAMBO athletes, SAMBO Associations, Sports Clubs, Organizations, and SAMBO training schools across the Districts of Tamilnadu. The purpose of the SFI is to promote the martial art combat sport of SAMBO and thus create an awareness of the traditions of this unique martial sport and to develop health, fitness, competitive spirit, courage, and confidence amongst all its practioners across Tamilnadu. SAT aims to develop the spirit of friendly competition and cordial relationship between the Districts of Tamilnadu, through the practice of SAMBO in all its aspects To organize in Tamilnadu, District, Zonal and National SAMBO Championships, Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, Referee and Judges Clinics on SAMBO and to select members to form Committees thereof, etc.

To deploy its members for training SAMBO athletes for National and International and Continental and State SAMBO Championships and for training and selection of State and District SAMBO Referees, Judges and Coaches etc., for establishing training camps all over the State. All appointments of District SAT Representatives at any level, District SAMBO Referees, Judges, Coaches, Regional Officers etc., shall be made only by the SAT.


Dr. Thomas Bach
International SAMBO Federation


Mr. Deputy Ram Sharma
Secretary General
SAMBO Federation of India


Mr. Neelamegam, MLA
SAMBO Association of Tamilnadu


Dr. Mohamed Anas
General Secretary
SAMBO Association of Tamilnadu


About Sambo

Sambo is a Soviet martial art, an internationally-practised combat sport, and a recognized style of amateur wrestling included by UWW in the World Wrestling Championships along with Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling.

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